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At Harvest Hills Baptist Church, there is always a lot of energy and excitement in our youth department. The young people have many opportunities for Bible teaching, fellowship, spiritual growth, outlets for Christian service, and fun activities.

Youth group activities include the following:

Truth for Youth

Truth for Youth is a Wednesday night program for young people in 7th -12th grade. Scripture memory starts the evening, followed by a time of singing, Bible preaching, and prayer time. Next comes game time.  You never know if you will be involved in a crazy game of “Gossip Charades” or running for your life in a fast-paced game of dodge ball.  The evening ends with awards time and teen choir practice.

The program is designed to encourage teens in their daily devotions, Christian fellowship and scripture memory.

Sunday School

This is a time for Bible teaching and practical application. 7th – 12th graders are taught a Biblical perspective on God’s Word, Creation, Christian Service, Baptist Distinctives, Leadership, etc. Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m. with doughnuts and fellowship and continues in the classroom at 9:45 a.m.

Summer Camp

If you are in  7th – 12th grade, you are eligible to go to two camps:  Challenge Christian Camp (in south Kansas) and Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana (or perhaps the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina).  Many of our teens have made life-changing decisions at these three camps.  Along with super-team competition and individual camper activities, you will hear preaching and music like you’ve never heard before.  Your godly counselor—as well as all camp staff—will impress you.  Your word to describe the food, first-class program, and camp facilities will be “AWESOME!”

Youth Activities

Whether it is a progressive dinner, video scavenger hunt, “bigger or better” contest, or an exciting gym night, our teens always enjoy getting together for food and fellowship.

Teen Ministries

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