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Our Nursery Department now has new, spacious facilities at Harvest Hills Baptist Church. This gives us the opportunity to have separate nurseries for newborns (infants), crawlers, and toddlers.  All nurseries are staffed with workers that will make certain your child is well taken care of.  Each parent is given a paging device, so that the nursery staff can contact you if the need arises.



Our Pre-School Department is made up of two classes—the 2-3 year olds class and the 4-5 year olds class.  Along with the Bible teaching, the students enjoy singing and hands-on activities.  Small children are always eager to make or color something to show mom and dad.

Our Children’s Department offers classes for 1st-3rd and 4th through 6th grade boys and girls.  These children enjoy singing, Bible trivia quizzes, sword drills, and of course Bible teaching.  Teachers use illustrations, beautiful pictures, and a variety of other teaching aids to help get the lesson for the week across.



Our Truth Trackers program every Wednesday night is an exciting part of the children’s ministry at Harvest Hills Baptist Church.  As the children complete activities, they earn tracker bills which can be used in the Tracker store when it is open.This nation-wide ministry has been designed to help accomplish the following goals:

  • Disciple children in the basics of the Christian faith.

  • Help children memorize Bible verses and spend time with God each day.

  • Incorporate the family in the child’s Bible reading and Scripture memorization.

  • Provide opportunities for strategic evangelism through special nights in club and extra activities on Saturdays.


Truth Trackers is divided up into the following clubs:

In Tiny Trackers, the children enjoy singing, memorizing a Bible verse, playing games, hearing their teacher explain their Bible lesson, watching a puppet show, and—of course snacks!

In Truth Trackers, the boys and girls enjoy and profit from a small group Bible discussion, a time to quote their Bible memory verse (or verses) they learned that week, an exciting game time, and a closing assembly.  In this assembly, the boys and girls sing gospel songs and choruses, hear the final score of their game time, and listen to a Bible message—often accompanied by an object lesson of some kind to aid in their understanding.



Each summer, 4th-6th grade children at Harvest Hills Baptist Church have the opportunity to go to Challenge Christian Camp.  This beautiful, very special camp is located in Arkansas City, Kansas.  The list of games and activities offered at camp is too long to list.  Use your imagination; it’s probably there!  Then there’s the great singing, special music, and solid Bible preaching—all designed to help each child make lasting spiritual decisions.  The church’s senior pastor, and other adult leaders always go to camp with our children.



The 1st-6th grade children of Harvest Hills Baptist Church have their own choir.  They occasionally present a program of music in the church’s evening service.  The boys and girls enjoy practicing as much as they do “performing.”  They are excited about serving the Lord by communicating a message through music—even at a young age.  Whether their song is a Patch the Pirate song or another gospel song or chorus, they are determined to “serve the Lord with gladness” (Ps. 100:2)

Children's Ministries

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